1. Graive

    Apologies About Sigs

    For those who have Pmed me about making signitures. Im not doing requests anymore as i had to format my computer (wipe the Hard Drive) and now im taking a break from sigs. I apologise to those that wanted sigs from me maybe someday ill do it again but for now thats it Thanks all. :(
  2. C


    well my brother screwed up my rep by bull****ting here in the code forums... im very sorry for his actions and it wont happen anymore I was gone in Ohio for 4 months but i didnt think he would do this much crap. Im currently erasing all of his posts again my deepest apologies hes gonna...
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My apologies to the PRO

    Listen , i am sorry for what i sad , if i insult you , i am not traing to BEE YOU , i am traing to BEE LIKE YOU , to bee a PRO and make real good edits , in the begining i thought , why wount you give your edits then i thought that if you wont then i l make edits like yours i m just giving...
  4. Effigy


    This thread wos made to apologize to the moderators for all the crap we have caused. Soz for that thread where every single 1 of u got pissed at me... and deverz... plz dont eat my children (lol)
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