1. D

    why does nobody anwser the qustion! they just lock my thread

    I have a legitimate question for setting up a server I'm not trying to cheat ok I'm trying to set the server up so that the power levels FOR EVERYONE increase at the same rate but at a higher ratio so instead of everyone getting only 5000 point added to the power level for each melee attack...
  2. Z

    beta 1.1 problem anwser quicly

    Hey you guys . i have serious problem.I cant download esf beta 1.1 .My internet dont connect to oktagone .Could you say another www where can i download esf beta 1.1:cry:
  3. Z

    plz anwser

    Hi you guys .Yesterday i play esf and my friends now some special moves like ant magic or what . The with buu turn my into cokkie how they didit or make piccolo larger . Could you teach me two ?:rolleyes:
  4. K


    Hi. I was wondering if anyone out there has a kid buu model? If no one has one try to find a link to one. I think Kid buu is awsome!!
  5. U

    Somebody knows when....

    Somebody knows when the new beta is going to be released? this is probably not a good place to ask but i only go to Models/Skins forum so Sorry if this bothers you guys just want to know if somebody knows:p
  6. S

    Unoffical-Beta 1 Question Anwser Thread

    Q: When will beta 1 come out? A: 27th of November, you blind? Q: Can I upload the beta onto my server? A: It's useless to ask unless you have a T1 server and a fat peice of Bandwith! Q: Are there any tutorials for Beta 1? A: Check the main page for the manual, it has the basics. Q...
  7. Loki


    Does anyone here use this program to model, if you do post I have some questions about it.