1. Optimus Prime

    Funny Exam Answers

    Not sure how old this is, or if its a commonly known thing.
  2. I

    Nooby needs some answers s(^_0)b

    First of all im so @#*@#($ happy i found this game. whod a thunk the best dbz game out there would be a mod lol. anywho i was just wondering how much power lvl plays a role. and along with that when swooping with right click down against someone i seem to lose even though we are both hitting...
  3. G

    Really need answers guys.

    Umm...I like dled the German ESF Soundpack, m'kay. And the Vegeta bigbang sound, i really like. but the bigbang_charge, i dont like. Is it possible to start a wave/sound editor and just delete it...i mean just have nothing no sound so i hear "......" " Big Bang!" cuz the original he says big...
  4. Y

    Need Some Answers

    First of all, i found a patch, esf20.exe on fileplanet, but it cant belong to this game can it if ur only up to version 1.2 ( working on 1.2) , this was Earth Special Forces 2.0 alpha.... anywasy i did download it and put it into esf, and got a new attack, but it over right all the commands, the...
  5. Viki@killer

    Majin Vegeta v1.1

    Does anyone know were to get v1.1 compatible Normal and Majin Vegeta models(without stupid saiyan armor)???And,tell me the link to German Special Forces,plz!
  6. N

    Close this thread if anybody answers it...

    This maybe a *** question do u turn off melee??
  7. JDeezNutz

    Good Modelers look here

    ok i have got someone to skin my model i just need someone to make a model, pm me or add me to your contacts [email protected] and i will tell you more, thanks
  8. Sicron

    Cape Gohan

    I know there is a final request tread, but i dont get answers there: does some one know the gohan with cape (the one that mtaches s-bolts ssj2 gohan) cuz if i take the one of brollman i cant use him cuz he has a error
  9. C

    I've been gone for some time, I need answers!

    My version of ESF is Alpha 2.0, I'm guessing Beta 1.1 is the latest update right?
  10. A


    how do i deocompile it
  11. A

    Just a few Answers to a Few questions

    Q can i Become SSJ2-3-4 etc? A not in this version, only in next versions, not 1.1, and SSJ4 probably never Q when does 1.1 comes Out? A When its done, when don' t need more people asking that. Q Whill you add <insert Char here>? A If it is a Movie or GT char, no if it is a DBZ series char...
  12. S

    Where can I get a map maker to make ESF maps?

    Can someone plz give me a site to download a map maker? I'm really interested in making some ESF maps
  13. A

    Help Please I Need Answers

    i just downloaded ESF and i tried going into game but it says "could not load library client.dll" it says that before the console screen... can sombody please help me? well in first line it says could not load library then on the second it says my esforce directory then client.dll ok i read...
  14. dark-prince

    Client.dll no dumbass answers

    I had to reinstall everything on my computer...again... and i forgot how to fix the client.dll problem...again.. ive searched for the answer but all i got was that damn fmod.dll thing that doesnt even work, i know i used a different way to fix it last time, just forgot how. does...
  15. Wyatt

    Beta questions.....need answers

    1) Hey when i saw that melle video does that kick knock them up so high? 2)You guys said they jump higher, How much higher.
  16. T

    Hi Im new but have many questons!

    Hi I'm new on playing esf, but i got many questions on the mod! 1.) When and where can i get the new versions of esf? 2.) is there really a ssj stage change planned and if yes when will it be released?