1. P

    Anoying crash

    I have read pretty much everyones problem and still can't find a solution to mine. Everytime i join a sever with no trouble, around about 10-15 mins into the game it jus shuts off..... is their any way of fixing this?
  2. Ashur

    Ixomagic Anoying ;/

    Well i made my first sounds.... But ixomagic says i copyd the BIG BANG sounds from him..... K then.... Here is my sounds pack And here is Ixos big bang sound...
  3. Damaera

    Who's the most anoying person on IRC/Forum

    I bet me, no doubt :P
  4. shinobi_san

    damn anoying

    hmm... im getting quite pissed cause when i have almost reached the ssj lvl 1 ESF just shutts down. this has happened to me like 5 times and always when im close to ssj 1. plz help. peace
  5. Sp4wN

    Server Crashes. Its anoying!!!

    Hi there... ive got a problem. everytime i play ESF in LAN or Internet it crashes after few minutes... can someone help me. im going nuts with this **** im using OpenGL in 1024x768 and its not the rendering mode!!! stop telling people that if they change rendering mode it would go...
  6. jp


    i've recently downloaded the full version, first i had the lite version. now i activate the mp3 player in the options menu, but when i do a atack, or jump, the sounds are three times faster, goku, vegeta, and the rest sound like a bunch of squirels. And when i quit, my pc reboots. I only have...
  7. D

    anoying beamers

    ok im not complaining about Beamers, But I've been on a few servers lately and some realy anoying people just fire a kamehameha or SBC (or something else, mostly them) when im trying to have a 1 on 1! And usualy their my best servers buyt some noobs come on! its so anoying, so any of you got...
  8. S

    Devils getting a little anoying

    Minding my business on the server then someone named Striker comes in and "Freeze" (His new wonid is 1692877). I have a screen shot. So he slaps me around some and I kill him with a kamehameha. He changes his name to Cell. I change mine to Cell Form 2. He does the same. I join evil he doesnt...
  9. V

    How can I edit sprites?

    I've been looking for a program to do this for a while and I can't find anything to do this. Can someone please help instead of just reading it gets really anoying when people just look and don't help? Thanks.
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