1. Eon

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    I Really don't have any problems with religion, but as far as scientology goes, where people are scammed out of their money, even if they are naive, they are still preyed upon by the caniving ass hats of scientology, which is why I found myself first supporting anon's cause. Not because I like...
  2. G

    I have a problem with a model

    It is a vegetto model I downloaded from that gsf website. I don't know how to install this model. Once I download it I see that it is an .ace file. This is different than all the other models I downloaded because they are all .mdl files which means model files. I don't know what I'm supposed...
  3. T

    this might be dumb but read this and tell me what you think

    im going to make 3 models but no one laugh just to make the dbz series even cooler im going to make ssj5 goku vegeta and trunks, give me your feedback and do you think i should do them