1. K

    The camera+flying anim

    Well what the esf team should really try is a better close-up camera...Nearer to the character.That would make the game harder to get bored with.Also it would make esf look like a real game not just an action mod The second thing I'd recommand is the flying animation.The esf's original anim is...
  2. M

    Evil Buu Beam jump anim

    As i was making my Buu balls, i noticed that Evil Buu's beamjump anim was wrong, it looked like an idle anim, so i made one and had the fix in my pack, but the ESF team should fix it and make a real beam jump anim for Evil Buu.
  3. I

    [WIP]Rock Lee Anim.

    Hey, I'm doing a rock lee running base animation. It's only a biped, but it's suppose to resemble his movements. It's not as fast as rock lee's actual speed so i can show you the movement of his body and all. well here it is... thanx to darkside for...
  4. G

    lil DBZ anim of mine

  5. §lipKnot

    New Trunk Tell Me What U Think

    I Reskined a trunks model from the esf team and i wann know what u think and yes it is done........ it has been done for about 2 nights my bad its the bottom one......... band with is killing it i took some things off i hope it will stay open when...
  6. Halorin

    A Trunks Model Question

    Is there any way I could use a Trunks model that doesn't have his sword and have him use the animations of him without the sword and just regular melee? I don't care if people mysteriously gib for no reason, but I really miss the Armor Trunks models.
  7. We$$ide

    re-animations for beta 1.1???

    in beta 1.1 are some new attacks, but shouldn't some models be reanimated like goku with his kame torpedos? *edit* i mean models which are made like the ssj2, ssj3 goku ect.
  8. Death The Jedi

    Found vertex with invalid bone assignment....

    whenever I try to export my model, it says "Found vertex with invalid bone assignment". All the vertexes are assigned to bones.. so can anyone help me out here?
  9. Mewtwo

    My first real attempt at anime

    This pic is my first attempt at dawing my own anime character. I used the tuts at to help. I can already see a few problems that need fixing, what do you all think?