1. E

    Andreyesf & John Volkov

    I'm not anymore playing ESF, and I don't visit all ESF communities anylonger - but your video made me to rethink to play ESF one more time. Because - all I want is to wtfpwnbbq you, ya ? L2makenormalvideos And yes, I AM a WoW addict. So this is simple - if I see any of you two in any...
  2. C

    What happened with Andreyesf

    I now Andreyesf.First if you think that about him why you dont see the ip adress from the one that has voted for Andreyesf.I em the one of they.He just say to his friends to vote for him that all.He now that you would verify the ip adress of the account and he will get ban if he will make more...
  3. Phobius

    !READ! Here is what happend to Andreyesf and could happen to you. !READ!

    Andreyesf was permanently banned this evening for spoofing hosts and registering different accounts to vote for himself just to get access to a $5 forum now was that $5 dollar forum worth a permanent ban I'd say no but I guess he said yes. Now let this be a lesson next time we do a nice...
  4. M

    Ban Andreyesf

    (\_/) (0.o) (><) this is bunny.. his seen andreyesf ktntxhbye now BAN HIM! . :]
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