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  1. Optional

    So you're [in college and/or working]? Where?

    Attending the University of Pittsburgh. This is mainly to find out who else is in your area.
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Will these settings hurt my monitor and/or TV?

    Well I decided to switch to 1152x864 resolution today, even tho I have a 17'' monitor. Gotta say it looks a lot better than 1024x768, but I heard that it can strain your monitor or something. I'm not that good with hardware, so I wasn't able to confirm this myself. So now it looks like this...
  3. M

    Best Opening and/or Ending

    Which anime have you seen do you think has the best opening and/or ending?
  4. dudiblah

    need help with installation and/or runnin the game

    ok its been about 6 months since i have played esf and i have seen alot of changes in i need to get the thing to install and then run....give me the propper steps...
  5. CaseClosed

    Admins and/or Experienced Computer Members i need help cant play Esf

    Hi my Esf wont work and itz really annoying i just downloaded it and now it wont work on my steam when i try to enter a game it said loading game like alwayas and then it shutoff esf and said Fatal Error Mod_LoadBrushModel:sprites/laserbeam.spr has wrong version number (0 should be 30) Help plz
  6. Krazy-Killa

    Goten and/or Trunks for 1.3+

    I was thinking of adding Goten and Trunks into the list of playable characters for 1.3+. Here are the type of transformations and attacks I was thinking for them. Attacks Kamehameha/Buster Cannon Generic Beam/* Generic Ball/* Ki Blasts/* Fusion/* (Explained in later section.) - if done...
  7. G

    please please help with sprites/map /models, etc. download and/or with meta and evm!

    please please help with sprite/map /model /sound, etc. download and/or with downloading metamod and Evolution mod! can someone please give me a specific step by step walkthrough for one of these things(highly preferably evm and metamod)thnx
  8. V

    Interview With ESF Makers, and/or SPiN

    Hey, i am new to the forums but have played ESF for a long while. Anyways, me and a freind of mine are making a site called "BlaZeNeT" and we want to ask SPiN and (or) someone from the ESF team (someone who participates in the making of it) to have an interview with Me for my site. Please...