1. Demize

    Ancient Aliens on the History Channel

    I've been watching this series on Netflix and I find it very interesting. Here's a FB page with some info about it.
  2. M

    Ancient Biological Material Found

  3. Rocky

    Homosexuality in Ancient Rome?

    Ok here's the story, in year 11 (2003) my friends were doing Ancient History and were learning about Ancient Rome and whatever. They had this project to do which they ended up doing a movie of. Most of it was educational stuff to get marks for the project but a few bits and pieces were...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    ANCIENT (wallpaper)

    yeah took a bit to do i like it. and yes it does have the basic brushes that come with photoshop. i really dont know why people look down on the basic brushes. i think it actually accents this one. anyway comments and critz please.
  5. DiebytheSword

    More fun from your freindly ancient horror.

    )V(ajin Vegeta . . . again.
  6. S

    Bonzi Bloody

    well i made a little crapy pic i hate the monkey...... ;( *EXPLETIVE DELETED* *EDIT* Try not to swear, okay? We have an anti-cuss rule around here for a reason... -Chimpbot- *EDIT*