1. G

    Anbu Itachi!

    Hey guys. Damn, I've never been doing this many skins without taking a break ;p. Anyways, I'm skinning Anbu Itachi for a friend of mine, and this is what I have so far. Now the thing is, I am really wondering about the sharingan, which one of them should I do? If I recall correctly it has 2...
  2. C

    Anbu Drawing

    Hey, I just started drawing about 2 months ago not even serious just on and off when I have time I make a drawing. This is really crappy and nOObish but its my best yet, lol,heh. Comments welcome although I already know whats wrong...
  3. Valeska

    naruto ANBU masks suck ?

    tell me you opinion
  4. Enix

    Anbu Kakashi, matching sig and avatar

    well im going to keep this on for a while. its mostly made up of fan art but i added a border and text and text effect. like i said im going to do alot more simple sigs, but i really like this one, check it out: