1. S

    Zelda wp + Anakin wp

    Man I havent posted here in a while.... heres some wallpapers... I made this out of a sweet zelda: twilight princess pic. Twilight princess is the upcoming new zelda for gamecude if you dont know *shakes fist* C&C? ...and anakin.
  2. Suh Dude

    Anakin signature

    Just finished my new starwars signature.
  3. PiXel

    Anakin Skywalker (Episode 2)

    Well, thanks to super vegetto for the inspiration X-D I thought it would be a good try to do this... im completly new to this stuff. So i would like to have tips and crits plz. ;) here you go... my 30 min. work... still a obsolutly WIP: :]
  4. Super Veggeto

    Evil Anakin

    SV's Drawings...yeah =P my very first serious painting in PS! took me 3 hours but i think it came out pretty decent. gimme some crits, i dont think ill change it cause it was hard enough =P hehe but it'll help me for future work.
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