1. Synth

    Amy Lee Sig

    I know I basically rate everyone elses sig, so I figure why not let you all have a turn with me. What do you guys think?
  2. N

    amy good dbz mods?

    does anyone know some good Dbz mods?
  3. K

    New background

    What you think?
  4. StriKe!

    King Vegeta (edited with paint tho:()

    Well, it should look like King vegeta:) i edited most with paint cause im not an artist and my adobe ran out of time hehe... hope you "like" it.. (dont be to hard on me) oow yes and official model by ESF team and some animations by...
  5. freeportpretz22

    Goku Jr. Model

    OK, I know a couple people were asking about him, and well I edited God Gundam's Goku Jr. (NO CREDIT TO ME!!!), heres a pic. !(God Gundam did the model and Bloodyscurf reskinned it!!!) It's not much, hopefully it works for you guys! :) *EDIT* I need a host...