1. Shaladanra

    Guitar amp help :P

    Hello :D I was wondering if there are some guitar players who could give some advice on an guitar combo amp ? If anyone knows some amps which is good quality and can play loud, please let me know :P I'm in seriously need of an good amp ! Thanks in advance :P
  2. S

    Another guitarist in need. Which amp?

    I'm currently torn between 2 amps: A 75 watt spider II from line 6 for $250, info here: or A 40 watt peavy envoy 110, specs here: At the...
  3. S


    umm does any one no where to get a USSJ Trunks skin/model? Andin the game i noticed that if u go look at the original models in the players folder there is a ssj2 and a ssj3 model does that mena u can go ssj2 and ssj3 with goku????????
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Need a 3d image?

    I'm the man for you. Need a 3d object to add into your images? I can help. With my software, I am willing to give a free service for needed individuals. 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, Lightwave, and Maya all can be utilized to help YOU make a good texture or graphic. The main idea: For me to...
  5. Megasaxon

    new sig & tar (not that you really care :P)

    and yeah, both im using comment if you like, dont, if you like i dont mind :) *gets back to work
  6. thor

    ICQ Skins

    Does anybody no where i can get a Vejeta icq plus skin