1. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  2. Ultra33Gokussj3

    well be amazed complete

    First of all dont tell me fix those fix that or i wont release it! :\ :\ :\ Secondli heres a complete pack of GT GOKU like i promised :laff: The edits are all in 1.1 format! Credit to: norm - AZN - arms + legs + body PrO - legs + vest skin real modeler of goku - head ss - AZN -...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Letter to Thy Love graphic..

    New graphic called Letter to Thy Love, I was listening to some really good music by Waiting for Autumn, and was quite awed at the lyrics, so I made something to a similiar effect...enjoy