1. D2

    Airuno (altho i think that's his name)

    heej there, it's been a while since i posted anything, had some realll busy school periodes but thank god its vacation and how to start a vacation good with starting to model again. anyways this char is for the mod FSOK i'm working on the skin atm (as you can see i'm not finished with it) but...
  2. -Dark Shadow-

    DBLB Goku, gotenks

    DBLB gotenks gotenks Gotenks is being worked on and yes i know it has 2 fingers!
  3. owa

    New Sig

    Hi, I just finished my sig which I am pretty proud of, the Chick is the lovely samus, and its fan-art which is why the pic is semi-low quality. Tell me what you think.
  4. B

    You need help

    You need help about mapping come to my site **************** go to my form my team help you:D :D ;D ther is no problem whe can fix (admin's can only fix)
  5. USJTrunks

    Blinding - Wallpaper

  6. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  7. S

    will you make a ssj 3 goku?

    he esf team can you make a super saiyan goku for beta 1 hope you can because he is the best
  8. Z

    Semi-anime human model+skin - final head

    I made some last tweakings to the model and skin, and ended up with this: (copy and paste URL) The hair is a separate model, and isnt final. So, what's this model? Its the base human model for an RPG game in development called Elium...
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