1. ZeroNightmare

    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

    So lately I've taken an interest in Supreme Commander. After watching the forged alliance trailer, I was wondering how the story line goes. From what I've read after blacksun is fired it creates a softspot in space or something and then the Seraphim come through. So, my questions are...
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Has anyone played this yet? I just started playing this yesterday and I gotta say, I like it, especially when I can play as Wolvie right off the bat;D The graphics are good, gameplay is fun, although its kinda easy to get turned around as the camera kinda dont follow u properly somtimes...
  3. KarrdeKNR

    X-Wing Alliance

    Mmmmm, let's talk some old school. So reading the BC thread reminded me that I still have my old copy of X-Wing Alliance. Just wondering if anyone else has this, or for that matter, any of the old Lucas Arts flight sims? Furthermore, would anyone be up for some dogfighting in XWA? Might be...
  4. Shao

    Emkay (X-Wing Alliance)

    This is a character from the game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. He is a droid and his name is MK (Emkay). I was wondering if someone could make a model of him to work in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Thanks in advance for any attempts. :)
  5. TehMuffinMan

    nuttzy base- quan chi

    weeee.... well..i was playing deadly alliance latly and thought that i should do quan chi... not too shabby.. as you noticed, its nuttzy's base model, but crackerjack gladly let me use his pbp head model on this, a great thank you to you :] anyways, i'll start skinmapping and soon...
  6. G

    Check out my MODELS

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>I hope you guys check out my MODELS at my PHOTO ALBUM at my website I hope you liked them I dont know if too released them for ESF I tested those SKINS on ESF they work great I think I should release it for DRAGON MOD there paying me bucks but I...
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