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    help to model dragon balls amx mode. alle thinks about a sever!! HELP PLZZZZZ

    Hallo alle.. PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!! im not so good to English but i try. i just begin to play ESF. and i need som help... about the dragon balls. if i get alle 7 i can get a wish but when i play at my one sever is only 3 things to wish.. to day i haf play on a other sever where there was...
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    here is my first esf map it´s nothing special just a try to make a good map it also includes some features like a health pool or breakable walls ...
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    ssj3 vegeta!!!

    i just finished my ssj3 are some pics. its my first model the bodies from AZN Dragon's majin vegeta and the hairs from bryggs ssj3 goku please give me crits. ps i can't turn the model edits from a ms3d to a .mdl can you please help...
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    New drawings

    New drawings!!! You can find them here:
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    are here dutch ppls to help me out!

    hi all i need a dutch man to explain me everything on making maps cuz my enlish isn't very good and i don't understand very much in the enlish! i want to make the best maps!!!!!!!!!!!:)