1. H

    Alien HEAD well here it is. any tips on how to make it better also if u guys need me to post like the wirefames and all that stuff just ask and ill put it up.
  2. S

    Mar. Alien - Edge of Justice

    here is my newly started alien got EOJ and this is there 1st alien model tot he mod.... (they like me) :P REF.
  3. S

    3-D Alien Head

    The other day I figured "Hey, I've never actually made a 3-D head before". So here's my first attempt, and it turned out decent enough I think. I'll try to post it again once I get some snazy textures on it.
  4. Phobius

    Alien vs. Predator the Movie!!!

    What are your thoughts on this and how do you think the film will turn out? Maybe something like freddy vs jason with those twists or just some lame @ss movie like so many of them out there? I have to admit the first trailor that I watched didn't show much but I was intrigued by it and of course...
  5. D

    Big O / Betterman

    OK...this is wut I got so far....I kinda...uhhh..."left" the idea of Betterman out of this (For some it looks like an Alien..which I wanted to avoid...but...I'll change **** around later) Which looks better? OR
  6. S


    i was testing out bryce.. mixed it up in photoshop, done that. im pretty satisfied with result, gives it a lil alien look. my site is down, so i cant pôst it on it, so why not come to say hello and post some work. -SPiN out.
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    some of my renders

    well im not to good yet but im getting there slowly anyway here sre some of them. copy and paste the links. u will notice my renders are a little cartoonish
  8. NightShade

    very shocked

    I am kinda shocked noone has made the alien things goku was wearing when he came back to earth finding trunks. if you have then sorry dont see it
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Alien Odor Killer!

    Voila, no grunge in it. All vector.
  10. F

    Forever Alone

    This is an image I made quite a while back....thought some of you might enjoy it so....BLEH!
  11. I

    plz comment my new sig

    hey guys! i just finished my new sig in 3dsmax 4. plz tell me what you think about it.
  12. T

    1 hour face (bebi vegeta)

    here is a quick skin i did for my firends model its bebi vegeta... i kinda of mostly guessed what he looked like since every pic i have seen of him he looks different...
  13. S

    Gosh My Face Is RED!

    lol look at this... its my ACTUAL SKIN WITHOUT THE SKINMAP BACKWARDS... My Real Skin Of Brolli