1. Master Asia

    Imposters using my alias.

    Certain players are obsessed in making me look bad by using my Player name and going to random servers especially PT's server and then using Gohan's Ki Shield for the special purpose of getting kiblobbed by noobs or to get disc'ed to literally crash the server under my player name. This is...
  2. Z

    some bryce art

    <img src= > its made in bryce , im still new to it so give me some crits
  3. Escobar

    Indy Art

    this is juz something i put 2geather.. i dedicate it to dakilla mhuahaha lol
  4. Naz

    Site attempt

    yea, I never do this.. so I dunno.. it still needs to be coded and all.. so how do you all like it? grtz Naz
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