1. Avenger

    US airport security tightened; body-scanners and pat-downs introduced

    Source Basically it seems like the US will in the future give you three choices in terms of flying: 1. Go through the x-ray scanner. 2. Get patted down. 3. Don't fly at all (don't try to get through the checkpoint, or you will be fined a sizable sum of money). I don't think any kind of...
  2. B

    9 very good reasons to shut down an airport|aim|dl4|link3| im0790 Thoughts and opinions...
  3. G

    KingYama + AirPort + SnakeWay + PrincessPalace + HomeOfInfiniteLosers + KingKaiPlanet

    Ok I think the title say the whole story. Like most of you know from DarkSniper “SnakeWay” threat I started to create the other world places starting from King Yama’s judging place to King Kai planet + that Airport to Grand Kai place. I worked 3 days so I got some progress done...