1. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  2. Death The Jedi

    Paper Airplane of Love and DOOM!

    Version 1: Version 2: Modeled the airplane in Milkshape 3D, skinned it in Photoshop 7, rendered it in Cinema 4D. Tell me what you think :] **EDIT** Updated with version 2
  3. V

    i FINALLY got milkshape!!!!!!plz help

    ive got milkshape now i need too know how to use it anyone wanna tell me plz?:D :D :D :D :D
  4. freeportpretz22

    Making Models

    Maybe if some would help me get started on models, I got milkshape 3d, and HL model viewer (not sure if I need that tho) Well if anyone wants to help let me know! P.S. My AIM is DavisC6590 and My ICQ is 157948594