1. MopageBoy


    AHHH i just found a picture worthy enough to be my avatar and i cant get it working why it's uploaded on geocities wrote the address in the write spot in my profile place but it just won't show???? help!
  2. K


    ;( My computer got a virus on it!!! I think i got rid of it kinda but uhh like it sent out about 200 - 300 emails to dif people with the virus on it before i could get rid of it. So i just wanted to warn yall dont download any emails with attachments, especially if its from your friends...
  3. D

    Ahhhhh!!! Ms3d Problems!

    Ok, i started workin on a model yesterday...but for some reason today, the only way that i can make polygons are by using BOX, SPHERE...etc. I cant use the FACE option..and connect 3 vertecies...well...i can, its just that it doesnt DO anything. The program THINKS it made a polygon...cuz when i...
  4. T

    i need the beta!!! i need it now!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!

    I need the beta now!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!:devil:
  5. owa

    Ahhhhh Stuff

    Hey, I just got flash 5 and I wanna animate stuff liek make videos and stuff but I need a tutrial to learn off of. So could osmeone please help?