1. P

    Ahhhh no.. ESF 1.2

    I saw the great ESF 1.2b trailer and it shows REALY cool stuff! but.. where is trunks sword in regular melle?! and about teleport after efects! If I will put another skin the tae will change as well? I hope that u can answer my question.
  2. NinJa HunteR

    Ahhhh! Why i can't Enter ESF-World???

    I'm getting "Page not found" When trying to access "http://www.esf-world.de" or "http://www.esf-world.com" That pages are down?!!? Thanks.
  3. H

    Got bored again

    I found a nice Seishero fanart pic... and i like how the character looks so i entertained myself with that. went a bit excessive on stuff, but I had some fun and it came out alright, the fanart pic had this website on it http://www.geocities.com/hadibi
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    another armored core image

    i really wouldnt call this a wallpaper because it doesnt even remotely resemble one so ill just say its an image its supposed to be the perspective of another ac. if i wanted to be super fancy id take like months to design a ****pit but im just a little to lazy at the moment too so what u...
  5. T

    ahhhh help plz!!!

    any 1 know of a site for tutorials for noob modelers cuz i wanna make some models and get into it >_< i got the prog but dunno wat to do lol
  6. DragonDude

    Ahhhh I'm Blind!

    I have a pretty weird problem. Whenever I try to play on certain maps, like the hyperbolic time chamber one, the entire screen turns gray. I can hear but can't see or do anything. Also, when I go underwater on any map, everything turns grayish, like I can only see shadows. I'm running D3D (My...
  7. M

    ahhhh how come wgen i download beta 1 it always downloads 12 mb

    why does it only do a short download instead of the full one?
  8. M

    Need comments

    Hey going to remodel this guy. just wondering what i shoudl do on him hes a dragon from dbgt 2214 polies