1. Suh Dude

    My mic won't work!! AHH!!

    My mic doesn't work... any one have a solution for it? Yes my sound works. It worked before I booted my computer.
  2. B

    ahh why me!!!!

    its proabably a lot more people but anyways every tiem i try to go into any server it will say it cant continue without blah blah blah or my dll differs from the servers an stuff like that an ive downloafed the latest version of ESF and the patch so can some one tell me whats going on????
  3. M

    Ahh not him again!!!(not superbuu)

    It's not dbz in fact. It's Sasuke from Naruto, I've turned into a Naruto Fan just last week, and here's my attempt at modelling Sasuke. I'm also trying out for NTP, so hit me with your hardest critz, and I mean critz not insults, meaning, I don't want you to call it crap without telling me...
  4. FreeDoM

    Ahh how i love to spoil the fans

    <br> <a href="http://www.esforces.com/team/Freedom/finalflash.jpg"><img src="http://www.esforces.com/team/Freedom/finalflash.jpg" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=300 > <br><br></img></A>
  5. U

    Goku Attack (Ahh! not another!)

    Ok ok, im fully aware that no characters or attacks from DBZ movies or GT are being added. But i saw a pertty attack recently and wondered if it was used in the series and not just teh movie. In The Return Of Cooler (dun dun dun!!) SSJ Goku throws what seems to be a small sort of spirit...
  6. ~*Logan*~

    I need help!! AHH!

    I need help trying to make a game. Well...I know the basics of making one, but I have a few questions. 1) I was told that in order for a game to be made for the public to see, the game needs to be made on a dedicated server. I choose the option of it being a dedicated server.....and when I...
  7. CM

    AHH darn this thang

    aight, i wanna do this but i dont wanna **** up. how the hell do you freakin reformat ur hard drive? i use xp, by the way.
  8. H

    Got bored again

    I found a nice Seishero fanart pic... and i like how the character looks so i entertained myself with that. went a bit excessive on stuff, but I had some fun and it came out alright, the fanart pic had this website on it http://www.geocities.com/hadibi
  9. SierraSonic

    Ahh Chicago!~

    The city where I just got beat up in, I really love it here, you cant get beat up better anywhere else. Ok so heres what happend, I was riding bikes with my brother in the suburbs, when 1 guy out of no where says "Punch that ******, Punch that ******!" Mind I tell you that I am white... yes...
  10. V'

    Ahh this is way too funny not to be seen.

    If you cant see it, try using this. http://nic.dnsalias.com/XviD_Install.exe edit: http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=1466
  11. S

    Help Again!! Ahh

    i need some help please. dont view this thread reply. When i try to download this game from file planet, my internet 28.8k downloads this esfb100 exe thing in 2 seconds. then when i click on the file i just downloaded it says some problem with my win32 help please suggestions any1?
  12. A

    my models are the best

    hey check out my pics let me know wut u think maybe ill let peeps download them judgeing on how everyone likes them:D:devgrin:
  13. owa


    Turn to Cnn on your T.V.s or goto cnn.com the space shuttle Columbia broke into debris :(
  14. Oddbrother

    Like model's animations and all that rot?

    Do you like those HL models and other stuff? Use this utility called HL model viewer. Download!
  15. Eon

    Ahh Yes...Memories

    Remembering the TV shows I used to watch as a...younger person than I am now, I was wondering what shows you guys used to like my favorites were, The Super Mario World Super Show, and of course, Power Rangers!
  16. E

    Grande Kia Map *continued*

    No spam! No going offtopic! I want to ONLY see posts about MAPPING! Thread continued....
  17. I

    Picture of SSJ 4 Vegeta!

  18. D

    i need alittle help with skinning

    okay my model is finished and i vant to skin it but how do i do i dont even know wich program i should use for skinning
  19. S

    Recompile of normal mystic gohan for normal gohan

    Could someone take the normal mystic gohan and recompile it for the normal gohan seeing as we now have an ss mystic gohan for ss normal gohan. Or tell me how to do it
  20. eminence

    Animated GIF

    Here's an in game animated GIF of some screens I took of Vegeta about to turn SSJ.