1. KarrdeKNR

    You know what I hate?! *TF2 wank ahead*

    Teams that can't do anything but turtle. The server I was on was set to 5 caps/choose map + change map. I capped the int 5.5 times before the map changed. All my team could seem to do is camp our own int. I scored the int as a scout in the first 30 sec of the game. The second as a pyro...
  2. Drmt`

    stupid problem (danger - n00b ahead)

    well.. i modeled a goku , from esf 1.3 goku's render, do'nt worry i'm nopt ripping it im just practising. i sorta mixed up the projection (left with right) and now my model is all black. look for your self is there a way to fix it? thnx
  3. ~`Orochi`~

    i just whent ahead and made these for meself

    avater is too big and i cant be botherd to Redo it cause im a lazzy bastage O.o thats that and my current sig C&C please
  4. Death The Jedi

    The best Red Saiyan yet (well.. IMO)

    All credit goes to Mr. Smo for his sexy Goku models, and maybe alittle bit of credit to whoever designed the RS logo.. **EDIT** Tell me which color hair you like better, that's why they both have different hair color, so I can get opinions on it..
  5. t he OnE Z Er0

    go ahead magus there right u should benn

    O_o guess there all right.u people ben iche other for nothing
  6. M

    creating new characters

    sup is it possible to create new characters without overriding the current ones? -/\/\C
  7. stiffdog

    to |::>sugar<::|

    hey sugar your pm box is full cant send u a message.
  8. Scorcher2k

    Question for someone who knows models

    I'm looking to attempt making a decent model. In the tutorial I have of someone making a model for cs they say that the included halflife skeleton wasn't complicated enough for cs. I was just wondering if this is the same case for esf or if I can just go ahead and use the halflife skeleton...
  9. Death The Jedi

    1st Grunge

    I made my first grunge thing.. it probably sucks, but let me know what you think.
  10. D

    hi there wich programs can i use

    plz give me the home page too get the map programs i can use cuzz i vant too map i can model but that is hard and booring i can use world craft but i vant too know if there are other mapping programs such as terrain editor
  11. Loki

    My Sig Host Almost Open

    Im prepareing to open a sig host for those of the less fortune. I will only accept up to 15 sigs to host 1 per person. Size must be reasonable, no flash sigs (too much file size). Go ahead and send me a pm within the next week or so with your sig attached. Ill send you a pm back telling you...
  12. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku??

    ok wtf happened to my model topic?? I was gone for like 2 hours and 2 pages of flames popped up and prof was banned. What the hell went wrong?? My topic got locked b4 i could get back on topic. Damn that was a BIG war. I know this is gonna get locked but all i ask is for a reason y did my topic...
  13. Eon

    Need help finding....

    I searched around and could not find the vegetto sound pack. Can anyoe please show me where it is?
  14. A

    My first sig!!

    well... this is the first "sig" i have made in my hoel life. And the first time i use photoshop. and i hop eyou like it :fight: :talk: //zion ^^ any good? O_O
  15. B


    hi again :D I have DECOMPILED SSJ Vegeta now I want to know how I open SSJ Vegeta Plz tell me.
  16. L

    ESF_Stryker look here!

    If you remember, i did comment on your namek map. It was great, just guru's place looked kinda funny. This picture is alittle cheesy, but hopefully it will help LoL. Its suppose to be guru's place. :p
  17. E

    majin buu

    props to whoever made the new MB model i have to say every detail on him is perfect *anyone says othewise answers to my double barrel shotgun*great job guys u kicks da ass [i could just imagen him in game saying IMA EAT U UP LOL!!!!]
  18. SA_Gohan

    New Char

    I was just wondering . . . , would it be okay if I modelled that character in Nighthawk's dev-journal, you know, just for fun? Or would that be like stealing or something? Thanks, bye
  19. K

    USSJ Vegeta Help!

    I made a USSJ Vegeta Model but can't put it anywhere... (I edited the one in ESF) But I don't know how to skin OR make it an ESF model Useable...
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