1. J

    NOOB here agian

    hey all as i stated before im a noob just got this yestarday havent got it working due to some error that i will fix lator but were can i get transformation packs charachter can i make my own figther ??? i would love some help what this game includes straight from the downloade MANY THANKS
  2. TRSS

    yet agian -_-

    ok as im sure most of you noticed ive been M.I.A for a little while, but thats because my computer crashed about a month or so ago, long story short, i lost max and all of my models, and had no back up =p, so any ways, i got max back like last week and heres my first model since then, poly...
  3. A

    I r wanna fight agian

    I never got to finish my fight :O! I wanna fight someone ;o
  4. HellBringer.

    Majin Vegeta Reskin!

    copy n paste what u think? *EDIT* ok go here
  5. shinigami

    New art.

    I have this project going on a week and I decided to finish it. The text still needs work, but I wanted the graphic to speak for itself. Comments appreciated.
  6. H

    Model of Nappa??

    Hey guys, Make a model of Nappa, he's very cool. One of the bad guys I can't forget!! Attacks you could use: 1.''finger up'' blast 2. Mouthbeam 3.(after powerup) dubble damage or some more very cool attacks that Nappa uses! So, what do you think?? Is he worth a...
  7. H

    ITs ME agian and i Have another killer story

    Alright dont worry you guys will like this one. I was fight at my server which i had to make cause i could not find anyone to play with, so anyway. It was me agianst 2 other guys and they where both vegitas. Well i was very, very powerful and they where just starting out. So i turbo and light up...