1. Tsunami

    I know were not supposed to advertise other forums, but...

    Newegg just opened their first forum over at just thought I would let the ESF community know.
  2. T

    GEKITOU (hope you guys dont mind if i advertise..)

    For all you forum role players, come one come all if your into forum roleplaying and stories then Gekitou is the site for you. Its kinda in a slump in the moment due to not many people roleplaying. But im sure once the vets see more people getting in and being interested they will come back...
  3. P

    need modellers

    we need people who know to bulid a good model according to our demandtions. also we need spirites meakers. this is for our new mod. we already made 10% of it.
  4. N

    R we allowed to advertise?

    if so here: *URL edited out by [ESF]Blade*
  5. L

    Kimi's Look out textures

    I need Kimi's look out textures, would some one be able to make me them, or found some that i could use for it?
  6. V

    availeble modellers

    Are there any availeble modellers that want to join my mods team?? this is no advertisment, so plz don't close this tread] If you can do this, PM me...
  7. Optional


    hey, im Optional of TriForce mod (www.heyiwasjustsayinwhereiwasfrom><.net) im working on a map called trif_ocean, ontop of the sand will be water... dont say anything about R_SPEEDS cause its under 800 when looking at whole map :P
  8. L

    SoS - new q3 mod (WOW)

    maby we can learn some **** from them take a look
  9. B

    You need help

    You need help about mapping come to my site **************** go to my form my team help you:D :D ;D ther is no problem whe can fix (admin's can only fix)
  10. N

    New Sword Renders

    WEll here is the second sword from musashi. sorry it took 2 days but i really only got about 1 hour free this whole time: *Hibiki* if ur gonna advertize u gotta pay for advertizeing fees
  11. J

    Shogo Mod: Shinobi Model

    The new shinobi model, Model by our new modeler, SA_Gohan: if that does'nt work, copy and paste this:
  12. J

    Shogo Mod: Need 2d Artists

    I need 2d artists for my Mod, Shogo: War of the Clans. I need someone(s) who can make very good graphics like Skins, Textures, or Sprites. Thank you so much people ^_^ -Jennifer O'brian P.S: E-mail me back at [email protected], or talk to me on: AIM: Baby Jenny Kitty MSN...
  13. J

    Shogo Mod

    Need modellers for my mod, Shogo: War of the clans. The site is if you intrested. Read the about page, im updateing everything so it might not load some pages. Thank you. -Jennifer O'Brian
  14. V

    Advertise anything

    Please cheack out my site! I don't know if we are not suppost to advertise and if you can't just delete this post. If you can check out me site here . Please tell me what I need to do to make it better! :S