1. Skyrider

    The IPv4 addresses we know and love have all ran out as of yesterday

    I knew they were going to run out, but never expected it was going to be yesterday. I saw it on the news as well.
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    The internet is running out of addresses enter, IPv6 The 4 billion address thing was a sigh of relief, but the "IPv6 can provide 2^52 addresses for each of the 70 sextillion observable stars in the known universe" part, allowed me to sleep at night knowing that even...
  3. H

    Could anybody offer some server addresses?

    Could anybody offer some server addresses? thanks!
  4. S

    ESF Models

    Hey Ya'll, I'm working on a model pack, more like a saga pack, I'm trying to get all the characters from the Buu saga into the ESF Beta version, with the models and everything, also using the latest up-dates for the beams, sounds & everything else that comes with it. Now my question is...
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