1. Heron

    Illegal Activity

    This short clip shows about how some youths in the UK deal in drugs and how they operate, It passes on from one person to the next usually in an order of descending age. The british gangster dialect may make this very hard to understand. One must watch this to the end to find out why I would...
  2. Gspy

    ESF Revival Movement. Ways to help.

    I've been thinking of ways to revive this game. Here is just a short list. I'll also be posting some things we can do to help grow the games fan base by extending out to people who might not know about this game. For now though, I've posted 3 things here that you guys can do to help out. I also...
  3. Demize

    Paranormal Activity 2

    So... I was gonna go see the movie but is it worth it? Anyone seen it that can give a fair honest review? Or comments. :yes:
  4. Nuttzy

    New activity, Bobble heads

    I am soon to be firing up again max in an attempt to rough out a custom bobble head that I am soon to make of myself out of sculpy clay (or whatever works better, Its still in the rough planning stage atm) this is the image I was going to base it on,... just bald. and with a bigger head...
  5. T

    ESF activity?

    Hello, just wondering how active the european esf community is these days? I havent played in about 15 months now, and i'm curious to hear if it's alive or if it's dead. Obviously because i might try to play it again, but if there aint any pros playing i'm not going to. Soo gogogo respond to...
  6. Ready2GoXtr

    a fun activity, join in and have fun

    So i was browsing across the internet when I came across this article The part of this article that is funny is not the article it self, but the comments Users posted. After reading there...
  7. S

    ESF Server Activity

    Esf is pretty much dead, the only people who play are the people who have stuck by esf's side through good and ugly. OMG AND ITS THE PEOPLE WHO HATED 1.2 TOO!!! I am talking about those who actually play the damn game you know. Not the newbies who come playfor a week then stop, and just post...
  8. Alex_b77

    stand still activity

    Weird name for a post i know..... but i didnt know how else to say it. Anyways, with buu if you stand still for a while, he starts to do a weird dancing thing, why not with the other characters??? (Not dancing, but something anyway)