1. VideoJinx

    Someone delete my acount

    someone delete my acount + posts ... I'm out peace~
  2. @lv/n

    Does anyone have a Steam acount and does not playwith Steam anymore?

    Hi!! I want to play with Steam but some stupid friend of mine used my cd-key and does't remember his acount so I'm asking if you might have a Steam acount and don't want to use it anymore so that I can play with Steam... :cry: I want to play with STEAM!!!!!!
  3. D

    ESF 1.1 Model Download URLS

    Ok here is a ESF 1.1 download site I got off these forums th other day German Special Forces They are slowly updating the 1.0 models to acount for the 1.1 animations. kinda hoping Pro and his squad are doing the same because he had some nice edits If anyone knows of other sites that...