1. Skyrider

    "Source" Thread Removed on accident :s

    When I removed my own posts within the source thread, I accidentally removed the whole thread. For those who are searching for the thread, my apologies. I couldn't cancel the action when I noticed it was about to remove the whole deal. I "could" recover the post, but the last forum backup was of...
  2. KidMan

    Ever been in a car accident?

    I just got in a car accident at 5:30 pm. My car spun out and I hit the side of a mountain and my tire tore to pieces. The rim is messed up and the alignment is screwed so Im down 600+ dollars for that. Im still shakin even though its been 2 hours. I didn't know it could happen so fast. I mean I...
  3. RavenTrunks

    Car Accident...

    Ok im from texas, and i was driving up to Mass with my fiance. and well in Memphas Tennessi(cant spell it), i got in my first wreck and im stranded in here halway between home and destination.. SUcks for me! Im using the Inns computer constumers can use. And i have no idea why im posting...
  4. D

    Deleted W.I.P by Accident.

    I made a Uzi gun, this was my first atempt to model, i used maya to make this.... ;/ and i accidentaly deleted the model by mistake GRR
  5. P

    help me please

    I really want to know how I can make models or mods. if there is a special program I'll be glad to know about it. I really need help, please with thanks powersnake
  6. DogLord

    quick question....

    ok i have a triangle count of a triangle the same as a poly?...and whats the limit for half life...i've heard 3000 and i've heard can i check.....i'm using milkshape and i know how to show the models statistics.......can some one just tell me how to check the poly count and...

    dodgy pic. thread

    I dont have any of my own. But post all ur most dodgy pics that u drew by accident, on purpose or what ever. (just thought we would get some strange stuff here:p )
  8. A

    Want to see something really worth his convention here

    Want to see something really worth his convention here You will press a mouth :laff:
  9. C

    First desktop...

    was mucking around after watching bloodlust and did this. I know its kinda basic but i almost got the look i was going for...was suppposed to have a cross shaded into the right side above his head but i kinda deleted the layer by accident :cry...
  10. -Dark Shadow-

    Help please really needed for milkshape

    I chose Evil buu and edited it and then today i realised that the trousers and shoes were missing and then on the material it didn't have it there so is there any idea how i can upload it to my model? *Edit* can you copy and paste on milkshape please answer :cry: oh and can you take...
  11. D

    Model Request

    Hi I am new but if i may request a model can some one tell me or give me a good ssj2 Gohan model plz!
  12. Phobius

    Hey guys I just want to inform you that Greg/iG was in an accident but he is doing ok

    Ya around 4 pm local time Greg was in an car accident. His brakes locked up which tossed him around the car causing whiplash and also breaking one of his arm's and his collar bone. He will be in the hospital for 3 days or maybe longer. But lets all post here so when he gets back he can see how...
  13. B


    Guys i swear i replied to a model someone made sayin drool? i didnt want it as a new post guys im sorry it was an accident, i swear man im not a spammer
  14. Some1_Call_911


    W00t I'm currently working on a ESF map that takes place on an asteroid or meteor. Pieces of the meteor can be destroyed and there are other meteors to fight on floating around the map. Not an arena or teamplay map, but a large free-for-all map. I will post a link to download it when it's...