1. S

    RS File host request.

    Erm. Must of you should know Redsaiyan because its hosting almost all the customized files for ESF, so i thought i'd make a thread to ask new poeple their permissions to host their file on release. hows do i submit files Well for now.. you will have to contact me on aim or msn, or in a pm...
  2. Grim`


    do you like my crappy pictures ? :/ ( crappy ) i think they suck :/
  3. TwisteR

    Model Request

    i was wondering could somebody make a piccolo with an animated cape? i just want to know if anybody will at least try it.
  4. E

    More Drawings

    Hello all, well I finally got a few more drawings done and I figured I'd let you guys see. And please remember that I'm at the mercy of the available scanners here on campus. If I find a better way to scan these I will scan them over and show you how good they actually look. But for now...
  5. Q

    cant access the consol in esf

    Help please i cant acces the consol in esf but i can in other mods so i dont know wut the problem is