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    i got accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok so i wanted to get into trinity catholic. its a high school that i live near, it has a very academic society. They even do charity runs such as; Run for Cancer, jimmy fund, ect. so today after school when my mom came to pick me up she said that the acceptance/denial letter came. she handed me...
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    :D I got accepted

    Just a few days ago I got accepted into a community as an Moderator. This community is a webhosting community. You can check it out in my sig. Provides really great offers and free web hosting. Prices are cheap like 20 Dollars for like 15GB Webspace. I joined and i seem to be helping out a lot...
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    HII!!!!! i just want to ask if someone could make a Background for me in the size 1280x1024??? i know its big!! but i really want it pleaz!! Picture on........ Brolly (LSSJ/USSJ)....... Trunks(SSJ/USSJ)........ and uhmmmmm finally Gohan (SSJ/SSJ2) PLEAZ!