1. T

    [Req] Aburame Shino

    Dunno whether this should be here got a bit confused but here goes anyway. I am looking for someone to make a model for The Specialists of Aburame Shino from naruto. theres some pics on here is interested...
  2. BinC

    Shino Aburame [WIP]

    Hey everyone, i'm new to modeling and this is my first model. Need tons of advice and so on, so feel free to comment. Reference picture: Just have his body done right now.
  3. I

    Naruto: Aburame Shino

    I felt like drawing Aburame Shino. Here it is: sketch large 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 is on my web site www.kemall.net/vashts )
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