1. A

    Questions abaut WoW

    I'm about to be a begginer so i want to know some things so ill start *Where can i get servers?(is it possible and is there a free server with 1x rates) *What will i have to do first *Is there a begginers help as you just login? *Do i creat a account in game or in a website? *Is the game...
  2. liad

    suggestion abaut when u have low hp

    i think when u have low hp like 2 u shouldnt only wont be able to ascend and lose life but also be slowed down and maybe the one that as 2 hp will start seeing the game blory till he dies that way he can feel that hes abaut too fall down and get killed or maybe make at like even before like on...
  3. liad

    help pls abaut a esf dediactated server

    is i open a server on dedicated server of esf how do i set me as admin
  4. liad

    abaut esfstuff.com

    the site doesnt work did they switch adress or closed if it switced adress pls give me the new one p.s :i am not sure if this topic belong here i thunk it does becuse the site have models in it pls answer asap