1. john_volkov

    A18 animation bug

    after you wall jump whit A18 you will reman in the wall jump position a lot a time
  2. O

    A18 specical *NUDITY*

    Hi everyone . A project that started out just for fun , but now i want to finish it , and release the mesh to the public as an SDK to give everyone a challenge at texturing it . I am not going to do a texture on it myself , as i have no time . Mesh stands at 2500 polys atm . Shader...
  3. B

    android 18 WIP

    yeah i know that i should work on android 16 (im still working on him dont worry) here is something i made 2 hours ago (just finished) its the head of android 18 ... more pics here NO ITS NOT A SKIN ITS JUST COLORED GROUPS ! DONT YOU DARE TO SAY THAT THE SKINS IS OFF OR I WILL...