1. -Origin


    I really like how it came out. :)
  2. S

    Gohan head

    Hey everyone as u might now i was working on this sertain ssj2 gohan and well it showed out pretty good but it died i had some probs with it ect. so iam givving out this gohan head for others to complete IF they want that is hehe theres some errors in it but iam too lazy too make it 100% so if u...
  3. Vengaurd

    the map list

    im just learning the ups and downs of the hl map editer right now, its prety close to what im used to and im ready to make a real map now, the problem is...i cant get my test map (wich happens to be the pacman map) doesnt show up in the hl map list. im sorry if this sounds dumb, this is my first...
  4. D

    Any mapper please read

    Could someone PLEASE make me a map that's basically one GIGANTIC cube. the skybox can be space, with stars and stuff, the lighting can be done however you like. I'd like it to have some asteroids, that explode also, yet, dont make them explode from tiny things, (if possible) try to make it so...
  5. Logan4434


    for all you people out there who love my new found favorate dbz character Gogeta heres your big chance! heres a pic: and the dl link:http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=download&id=196 and the credits are in the zip so leave me the **** alone

    uhh....im new,i have a question

    does any 1 know if some 1 has made a kid buu or gogeta model?o:D
  7. fatmanterror

    ohhhh why not

    ohhhh why not(models for dl) well, since im done modeling, and these models will just go to waste, here u all go, note i didnt finish the ssj4 gogeta like i thought i would but trust me its fine ingame. enjoy Model Page
  8. Messiah Daz

    Compile My Map

    I read bout the zhlt or whatever but I dont get it I just made my first map and cant compile it can anyone simplify it for me?
  9. DJ-Ready

    Tutorial: Configuring Hammer + Basics of mapping

    hey hey, ive just finished a small tutorial to show you n00bs the basics of mapping ^^ maybe that helps ya a lil bit www.s2k-clan.de.vu/tutorial/tutorial.html solong DJ-Ready
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