1. V

    Strange Lag, with dsl 6000 *help*

    i?ve reinstalled my computer to XP and instaled all my programms back, though i decided to put Esf back into my gamer corner. It was fun in the first time, though i?ve played agaisnt bots. then after i?ve tried to play online, my ping always bounced: 20-5231-500-2123-300... and so on I?ve...
  2. Tweek

    Majin Buu

    ..Keh i am in the process of makin a MAJIN BUU mdl 4 esf, a V V V detailed 1 at that :laff: and screen shots will b released soon ;D. this mdl will not b available 4 1.1 but in fact 1.2, and will b posted on redsaiyn the same week as 1.2 cums out :shocked: . this mdl as i said will b v...