1. Tweek

    ESF Majin Buu

    ..Iv almost dun it :laff: Nearly finished only another 3 days 2 go till i releas it :P. now it isnt like GOD or n e thin so plzz plzz plzz crit 4 thats wot tells me how 2 make better. I hope u like this lil screenshot but it is a high pol models of 1208 wid out head O_o [/IMG] Enjoy...
  2. D

    Power level 587,116,416 no damage

    me and a friend were playing esf and our power level became 587,116,416 when we transformed the only problem was when we used melee uor health went up and when we used our most powerfull attacks on each other nothing happened. A bug? dunno
  3. fatmanterror

    Model Edits

    here are alot of edited/new models that ive made/edited/got from DBZ Piccolo To the Models