1. Damaera

    City Building

    Alright, so I got bored and wanted to try and make a building for the first time: It's currently at 956 quads, pretty big for something minor like this.. I could've probably got away with 500 quads, but it's not really important to me, just something I did for fun. Also much ♥ to Adam for...
  2. Suh Dude

    Need recommendations for a book

    I need something thats between 250-500 pages and something that I can do for a silent film with a low budget or less people. If you can give me some information of what the book is about. I was thinking of reading "I Am Legend" since the book is a little different from the movie.
  3. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  4. DBZ master

    help me get over 500

    ive never gotten over 500 posts in one of my thread so you guys help me by saying anythng you wont and getting me over 500 posts if i got over a 1000 i would be estatic so say anything you want and get me over 500 posts
  5. C

    Fiat 500

    Somthing I have been working on... NOTHING is FINISHED yet. Just so you know. Thanks guys... http://img212.echo.cx/img212/4247/fiat500wip6vv.jpg
  6. M

    500 Things Goku Would Never Say

    Chi-Chi: Dinner is ready dear! Goku: I'm not hungry! and keep it funny xD
  7. CS-LAND

    HTTP 500 - Internal server error

    Hey guys, my site has some stupid error... When I try to acces it I get the stupid error I've never seen b4: The page cannot be displayed There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed...
  8. S

    help me please!!

    Can i anyone help me, i one to compile my model from .qc to .mdl, and when i compile it sez `ERROR` `too many vertices`. can someone tell how many vertices a half-life model can have, and i don´t meen polly´s
  9. Tweek

    Majin Buu

    ..Keh i am in the process of makin a MAJIN BUU mdl 4 esf, a V V V detailed 1 at that :laff: and screen shots will b released soon ;D. this mdl will not b available 4 1.1 but in fact 1.2, and will b posted on redsaiyn the same week as 1.2 cums out :shocked: . this mdl as i said will b v...
  10. P

    need modellers

    we need people who know to bulid a good model according to our demandtions. also we need spirites meakers. this is for our new mod. we already made 10% of it.
  11. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    500 characters?

    Has there always been a limit of 500 characters in the signature? I need my html formatting... :cry: BTW, i hope i posted this in the correct section, does it really matter whats posted in off topic?
  12. Shuyin

    Map Request Supreme Kai

    If theres a mapper out there who'd like to have a go at making this map then please do! Ive got a few screenshots of the map in a zip folder for reference. Its the Supreme Kai's planet from the kid buu saga, i think it'd make a nice map http://members.neouniverse.net/Spencer/kaimappics.ZIP
  13. ZuL

    Strong Bad

    He is as good as done, and to make him as "natural" as possible, I can't do much about the legs. 3d studio max's "celshading" feels a bit experimental, but it lived up the model alot. I'm thinking about having this model for a coming HL2 mod... (mainly because the model is 5000 polys :rolleyes...
  14. DBZFever

    I was wondering.

    If there was a model for ESF, cant a great skin make it look just as good as a bid for power model?
  15. C

    will some one do me a big favor

    will some one please make me a model of my frist can a 1978 nova. if so please email it to [email protected] i will be very plase if some one would do thank you. and if you skin it plase make it red
  16. G

    FIrst skinn try

    Well, I'm doing a skinntrial for TUS .. So tell me some critts ppl .. http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=28615#post28615
  17. D

    Max Number of Vertices

    hey does anyone know what the max number of vertices is in milkshape, could u let me know
  18. F

    poly limit

    whats the poly limit on esf models?
  19. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Kurama anyone?

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you a model MaggeM is working on for me and gamesages mod...Its of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho...Be amazed... :p Amazed yet? Its about 1500 Poly's, the whole model should be done by tomarow. It is going to be about 3500 or so total.
  20. R

    UT - Q3 ?'s

    what's the recommended poly count on a model for Q3 and UT? Also like... as far as compiliars go, what can compile Q3 and UT models??? Thanks
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