1. Jugo

    Help with 3dsmax6

    Another one of these help threads, anyway. I need to know how to weld the vertexes to each other, i mean i made one side of the model copied it and mirrored, now i dont know how to weld it :(
  2. Jugo

    help with 3dsmax6

    when moving objects, how do make the move gizmo or whatever you call it apear ? i mean this thing:
  3. H

    3DSMAX6 Exporter!

    Guys...... is there a SMD exporter for 3dsmax6:confused: i know that there is 1 for 3dsmax4 and even works on 3dsmax5 but it won't on 3dsmax6. plz help me!! if i open my model with milkshape my model is about 6000 (and more ) polys, but in 3dsmax6 its under 2000. i really need it!!!!!
  4. S

    I need a 3DSmax6 modeling tutorial

    I need a 3DSmax6 modeling tutorial ! Does Anyone know where could i get it ? I need a tut that explains everything step by step about modeling in 3DSMax6 :rolleyes: