1. Skyrider

    64bit OS better than 32bit when using below 4gb?

    Is having a 64bit windows better than 32bit if you have 2GB of ram? I know that 32bit can only read about 2.5/2.6GB max RAM and 64bit is more useful if you have quite a lot of RAM. But, is getting a 64bit better regardless only if you have 2gb? Anything in performance or speed?
  2. Kurt`

    No HD playback in 32-bit Vista

    http://www.apcstart.com/site/dwarne/2006/08/1139/microsoft-cuts-another-feature-full-hd-playback-in-32bit-vista Hilarious. Reasons to upgrade = going into negative numbers
  3. S

    Kid Goku problem!

    Well, i made a Kid Goku and i compiled it to MDL, but when i wanted to play esf, the kid goku's skin had all this weird colors!, does anyone know how to fix this, if i cant fix i wont release the model,if it's fixt...i will release it to day. thnx for helping me out! :) :yes:
  4. H


    How would i put Half-life and the mods in 32bit color?
  5. ]\/[ITCHELL


    when i want to skin something into totally diffrent colors, the colors sometimes look like sh*t so i just try to copy and paste it, but then the colors of a skin are totaly messed up:cry: my question is: how can i reskin something using my own colors????????
  6. M

    Any one know where i can get a 32-bit color for my comp?

    Can i download a 32-bit color so i can play morrowind?
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