1. Sicron

    Bleach 217 [Manga spoilers]

    Pretty interesting chapter. Seems Ichigo is getting a speed training again. I really want the next chapter, I wanna see the fight between Ichigo and Wichigo. Also, it was pretty interesting to see that the Vaizards already knew about Aizen & Co. I wonder who has been informing them, Urahara...
  2. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Videl model reskin

    I didn't like the original face so I changed it. Gimme crits tell me what 2 change or if I should release it Crits: original modeller of esf's trunks & nuttzy aka metal4brainz
  3. Warrior_Elite45

    Trees on maps??

    There's a question that has always bothered me. How do you get things like trees on your map? Do you have to use the env_model thing? I really wanna add some trees and stuff to my maps but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me out here please?