1. Darth Revan

    Unreal tournament 2004

    do any esf members here play it
  2. dudeman

    ESF group pictures 2003, 2004 and 2005

    Hey all! Some of you might know me, I bet most do not since the original ESF community has nearly entirely flushed and refilled over time. Anyhow I saw someone picked up the line where I dropped it and continued making ESF murals, big thumbs up for him! What I'm wondering about right now is...
  3. bapplebo

    Garfield Strips - From 1978 to 2004

    http://www.hotmailen.com/ ^^.
  4. grOOvy

    ModDB Awards 2004

    Yes yes, we all voted for months and now the results are out. The ModDB Mod Awards 2004 results are out! Earth's Special Forces has won *3* awards! ESF won FIRST PLACE for the "BEST ANIMATION SET" award! Link: http://features.moddb.com/111/?fpage=5 All credit goes to...
  5. Spunky

    Spike TV Video Game Awards 2004

    How many people watched the Spike TV Video Game Awards last night? Friggin San Andreas won instead of HL2. It's unbelievable. Valve spent 5 years developing HL2, and they didn't even get game of the year for their awesomeness.
  6. Vejimaru

    Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Help

    Does anyone know how to fade text in Flash? I've been trying for the intro to the movie I'm making
  7. Synth

    August 6, 2004: Rick James has passed away

    Rick James died on the morning of August 6, 2004, apparently of natural causes. We have no further information at this time. Never an innovator, borrowing heavily from P-Funk and later Prince, but in his prime Rick James came up with some excellent funky tunes, several of which hit the charts...
  8. U

    EYE > SK 13-5 in CPL Summer 2004

    Wow.. the name says it all. Does anyone else think this is due to the new money system? I mean... after all... look at SKs performance in many large tournaments AFTER the changes took effect. (getting eliminated in ESCW for example) ....Anyone that watched both SK matches with EYEballers noticed...
  9. Texas

    European Champion 2004: Hellas!!

    Portugal-Greece 0-1 from a Charisteas's Header at the 57'. Incredible. Cant believe it yet!! It would make more sense if someone came out and said "This one was just a farce, the real euro was played somewhere else" Congrats to Portugal too, nice played game :yes:
  10. J

    Euro 2004: who's gonna win it!

    like the topic says: I think Holland is gonna win, because i'm dutch and we all know all dutch people always become high of themselves whenever we win a few matches :p we don't know the outcome of Denmark vs Czech yet..so i'm putting those two in it aswell.
  11. A

    E3 2004 Games!!!!!!

    Well since E3 has been over for a while now, i was wondering what was the most exciting upcoming games, Handheld Devices, or anything that was talked about or showed at E3 this year that you are most looking foward to buying seeing renting or watever later on this year or in 05 And Why?!? O_o
  12. K

    OMG HL2 E3 NEW 2004 VIDEO OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    THERE IS FINALY A NEW HL2 VIDEO CAME OUT MAY 12!!!!!!!!! ITS 2004 ITS ALL NEW GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! http://pc.ign.com/articles/514/514593p1.html http://www.fileplanet.com ITS ALL NEW!!!!!!!! GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  13. M

    May 8th 2004

    Its posted on esfworld, i assume as being the release date .. Is this true? and if so, why is it not mentioned on the mainpage of esforces.com? Hope someone got the answer :) /Max
  14. P

    euro cup 2004 banner

    sorta bored and i wus in the mood for soccer since italy just qualified for the euro cup so.. nothing amazing but i like it :D (not a sig.. banner)
  15. Alex_b77

    Matrix Online 2004

    MATRIX ONLINE SWEET!!!!!! http://www.megagames.com/news/html/pc/matrixonlinetolaunchin2004.shtml