1. sub

    New feature added: Weekly 20% increase of Sub's arcade scores.

    To make the arcade more challenging and fun for others, I've set up an automated system that'll increase the scores of myself by 20% once a week. It'll be done every Monday. It's only a 20% increase weekly, I highly doubt you'll suffocate or die instantly because of that.
  2. B

    Anyone want 20% off their next purchase at origin.com?

    So, simply because I asked Origin a question, they decided, for no reason at all, to give me 20% off my next purchase at their website. Apparently it doesn't work on pre-orders, but if you guys want the code, I'll pm it to you. I really have no use for it since I don't plan on buying anything...
  3. D

    20% gib

    For trunks it saids 20% gib on sword attacks. What the hell does that mean.