1. H

    Making 1vs1 map

    I've seen the request for one so i'm making one now, just summin simple but it looks cool imo lol and it does what its supposed to. I'm gonna work on a destroyable version, the first version, however, will be all about efficiency and stuff so it'll run faster but be less functional etc...
  2. manontherun

    Looking for 1vs1 Maps

    I'm looking for small close-spaced maps for 1vs1 fighting. Maps where there is no where to run or hide, that will force you to home your skills or die in seconds, because players will respawn right on your heels. I'm looking for something smaller than the cell games map, something around three...
  3. Grega

    1vs1 map on esfstuff

    i finaly have the map uploaded on http://files.esfstuff.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=192 hope you like :D remember if you fall of the huge ring you die tell me the crits here's a pic
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