1. Big Kyle

    1628: failed to complete insalation

    I have heard recently alot of you are getting this problem I have no idea How to fix this problem but am trying to help you guys out If any of you are having this problem post here and See if theres anyone that could do somthing or if i find out more
  2. T

    1628 error

    hey can someone tell me how to fix the 1628: failed to complete installation......it really pissed me off like hell......pls help
  3. N

    Install, error: 1628 failed to complete installation

    O_O I'm no n00b, I had both beta 1 and alpha 2 showing up in my custom game menu so i uninstalled and went to reinstall beta 1 of esf and i got the following error window while it was preparing installer: Error: 1628 failed to complete installation this happens when it is preparing the...
  4. F

    1628: failed to complete installation

    1628: failed to complete installation But Why?????????. when i lunche the setup of esf this error ocured.... but why????? help me.....
  5. F

    Error 1628 Installation Problem

    When I installed ESF before it could even install it a pop-up came and said Error 1628 and said Installation has Failed, PLEASE HELP!