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    Will 1.3 have 1.1s speed?

    will 1.3 have speed comparible to 1.1? with ss2 and all cause i heard speed of characters got toned down to pave way for 1.3? I would like to see 1.1s speed blended into 1.3 cause it would shut up a:the 1.1 whiners who complain about 1.2s slow pace b the people who spend 20 mins in servers...
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    Why IS ESF 1.1 Mutch more laggy then 1.1:S

    WTF esf 1.1 is more laggy then 1.0 why? wasnt it gonna be 1x lower lagg?????????wtf its to laggy but i have a great cpu 512 mb 2.4ghz but so what?;( ;( ;(