1. Ravendust

    10x Kamehame...huh?

    After the question in the trivia thread, I decided to look into it a bit more closely. Turns out I was right...and wrong...whatever. Posted my findings here, I wouldn't be surprised if you were as surprised as I was, which, it turns out, was quite surprised...
  2. john_volkov

    10x for....

    10x for wishing me a happy new year
  3. tekhsheen


    :cool: this is a new mosenko made by me and it is 10x and it is cool, i have made stunts with then and it worked just fine! :cool:
  4. D

    v3 10x kamehameha

    what you think?
  5. SteveoDBGT

    SteveoDBGT's 10X KameHaMeHa

    Ok, I have completed my 10X KameHaMeHa. And its going to be released VERY soon.
  6. D

    10x KaMeHaMeHa V2 is out

    http://members.lycos.co.uk/superdarkclaw/10xkamefinal/ my first sprite is out i dedicate this sprite to Max2 and Lior love ya fellows o by the way pictures inside and new charge and kewl Kame Torpedo Will be good with ssj4 gogeta of kreshi :D N-JOY Mirors by smith...
  7. D

    WiP 10X KaMeHaMeHa (c)

    http://members.lycos.co.uk/superdarkclaw/kame/v2/ here the pictures still in work.. but i think it will be the final one.. the charge look like in the series :D small ball big charge yey \o/ *EDIT* added picture from GT of the 10x kamehameha *EDIT* the gif of the 10x kamehameha is...
  8. SteveoDBGT

    WiP 10X KameHaMeHa

    This isn't a edit of DarKClaWs 10X KameHaMeHa. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my own one. I love the way SS4 Goku fires it at Super 17 so i thought of making my own. When i found out that DarKClaWs wasnt working outi thought i would have a...
  9. D

    My first Sprite.. 10x KaMeHaMeHa of goku from gt

    -.o.. heck i need help with the Charge of it its look like ****.. so if lior or wizard will help me i will be thankfull.. here is it goes: the pictures and the zip in this folder: http://members.lycos.co.uk/superdarkclaw/kame/ n-joy or not o_O Miror by UltraPerfectCell...
  10. D

    In which episode did goku do 10x kamehameha?

    i want to make a spirit of it -.-