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    There will never be a Demo or Beta the users have voted that we would finish it back when we opend the poll years ago and that's what we will do once it's done it's done.
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    Image PotM - Shiny! - Aug, 2 - 2022

    When it's done.
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    You do realize that we've posted on YouTube yeah? And most of our stuff gets posted in Discord.
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    anyone wanna play

    Try asking in the Discord you have a better chance there.
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    How Do I transform with the newest FCX mod

    Who knows, But we're the offical ESF forum.
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    When do we die?

    Final does not have the Advanced Meele of 1.2.3, And I see I havent the term used in that way in a long time. You can watch gameplay of Final and you can see that it would fall under a "battle arena" in a sense.
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    When do we die?

    I dunno what you are trying to achieve with this Thread but the project isnt dead? and its not a "DDR", Have you even seen any of the videos these last few years of us playing? Also Dragonball in a Moba aspect doesnt really work.. Considering traditional moba is a "finished" character that...
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    If all you gonna do is dumb comments and not actually pay attention to the progress we clearly show ON the Discord then you might aswell be quiet. We literally just posted the progress on the Discord server.
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    Help to install ESF Final

    It literally says what it is its not final its a very old public release, Crashes alot especially bot based.
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    Who still has old ESF Files and Videos

    Hey there Community! I was wondering if anyone still has some old Files laying around be it old clips from the Previous Versions one of the things I am most interested in would be Linux files from Server Hosting be it 1.1, Open Beta or Alpha I know some of you are still hiding things :) Lets...
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    What is going on?

    And because of comments like this I lock these topics, You are clearly in the unknown as you arent parcipating in the Discord or the actual Community but instead of arguing imma just do this -Topic Locked
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    What is going on?

    Since I dont like repeating myself read
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    ESF release?

    First off this is a over a year old Topic so why are you reviving it again, Second off we always accept help if you were rejected the first two times that means you were unable to do the tasks you were given as our Project is coded in a specific way that takes time to learn we are still working...
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    Recommend anime series

    Please don't necro a 4 year old post Locked.
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    Me pueden contestar?

    We can't upload every week as we only upload videos if we have something to show off or to tease :)
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    video Happy New Year from ESF

    Just a little video to show off the different Ki-Blast colors and to celebrate the New Year, Happy new Year to everyone let's keep going strong!
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    Tournament news

    Josew won the Tourny :) Yeah there was gonna be more details on the winners but the complation videos never came to be
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Linux

    Glad you figured it out also my silly butt didnt notice we were in this actual topic, it was displayed to me as a new post 😅, But i guess your solution is probably good to add?
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Linux

    Try following hlev's guide tho i dunno if centOS7 can even run a half life server don't quote me on that
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    Why did moddb delete esf from it's list?

    I'm just gonna say what I always say on the discord, Alot of people dont seem to reconize we are all working on this on our free time meaning we also have jobs and familys that take our time aswell. The mod is still in full on development and if you looked into the Discord you would see so...